Chouette club stands for empowering each other as women. For all conscious female who love themselves & each other so that we can strengthen each other and create magic together.
We create comfortable clothing in a French twisted style: feminine and classy, but tough combined so that it gives you that extra power during the day. We stand for diversity and equality in our workplace and in everything we broadcast. 


Chouette Club -cool/fun club translated from French- is a fashion label designed by Carmen Mattijssen (30) a Dutch content creator and ambulatory care worker from the Netherlands. Since she was a little girl, she loved fashion and years after of blogging she decided to go after her dream to start her own clothing brand for women. “We are quirky, work with passion to the pieces and follow our heart!”   


Every piece of clothing is designed with love and are manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey. We especially chose this factory because the working conditions are human friendly, it’s a small-scale factory who act according to EU legislation.

We strive for equal treatment and a safe working environment in all facets of our company for every individual. Differences are accepted and we do not exclude anyone for reasons of appearance, religion, belief, race, age, gender of sexual preference.

We are currently working on having the most beautiful designs made in sustainable fabrics to minimize our negative impact on the environment It’s a process that takes time to research which fabrics are both comfortable and completely sustainable.